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Friday, August 7, 2009

Tramp Stamp Nation has Arrived

While there's nothing trampish about them, tramp stamps have become a sexy, erotic part of a woman's body art. From the small, feminine flower or butterfly to the bold, tribal lines, woman with lower back tattoos give the imagination reason to run wild.

At TrampStamp Nation, our members can upload their stamps and share their stories and the meaning of their marks with the entire community. If you don't have your own stamp, TrampStamp Nation is a great place to network with artisits and other members to get ideas, tattoo information or just make friends.
And it's not just about TrampStamps either, it is everything about tattoos and art. Join for free and share your ideas, pictures and even videos. It's fun, visually enticing and a complete interactive arena to share, submit and communicate!