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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tramp Stamp Nation was created as a fun interactive community where you can post pictures, videos, stories and more of your Tramp Stamps. It is quickly becoming one of the top rated sites for lower back tattoos.

So whether you have a Tramp Stamp or not have fun and check out


Tramp Stamp Video

Celebrity Tramp Stamps

Tramp Stamps are spreading through Hollywood. Celebrites like Christina Aguilera,Jessica Alba,Drew Barrymore,Victoria Beckham,Mariah Carey,Britney Spears,Eva Longoria,Jamie Pressley,Anna Kournikova and the list goes on of celebrities that have jumped on the Tramp Stamp bandwagon.

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Tramp Stamp Photos

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Where did Tramp Stamp Come From?

PhotobucketIt all began back in the late 1990s. The Tramp Stamp was born. Tattoos were finally more socially accepted for women and the lower back tattoo became popular. Lower Back Tramp Stamps are often oblong in shape, following the slope of the back on either side of the woman's spine. The lower back tattoo is body art sometimes intended to emphasize sexual attractiveness or uniqueness. Generally, a lower back tattoo will be designed to emphasize the shape and curvature of the female figure.

Tramp Stamp Definitions

1. Is a derogatory term referring to a tattoo which a woman places on her lower back.

2. Is a tattoo on the small of a woman's back referring that she is promiscuous. It is usually a good clue if you should use protection.

3. The larger the tramp stamp, the more promiscuous the female, goes the common lore.

4. In the United States, a lower back tattoo is pejoratively referred to as “tramp stamps” or “California license plates” in Australia, the Netherlands and Germany as “arse antlers” and in the UK as “slag tags”

5. Tattoo usually positioned on the lower back of a exotic dancer and or a female. Usually accompanied with low rising pants with "Thong" underwear exposed.

6. Lower back tattoo that is very trendy with girls 16 to 25.

7. Is one sure way of pointing out a woman you don't want to date. The tramp stamp's sole purpose is to provide a type of ID or banner for everyone to see that indeed this woman is trashy and not the kind to bring home to meet the family.

8. A lower back tattoo that is typically a butterfly, flower, vine, tribal design, wings...etc.

9. A tattoo on a woman's lower back. Just think of it as a target.

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